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Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone!

A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) says that former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn [photo with Putin top left] was charged and jailed in the US for sex crimes on May 14th after his discovery that all of the gold held in the United States Bullion Depository located at Fort Knox [photo 2nd left] was ‘missing and/or unaccounted’ for.
According to this FSB secret report, Strauss-Kahn had become “increasingly concerned” earlier this month after the United States began “stalling” its pledged delivery to the IMF of 191.3 tons of gold agreed to under the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement signed by the Executive Board in April 1978 that were to be sold to fund what are called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as an alternative to what are called reserve currencies.
This FSB report further states that upon Strauss-Kahn raising his concerns with American government officials close to President Obama he was ‘contacted’ by ‘rogue elements’ within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who provided him ‘firm evidence’ that all of the gold reported to be held by the US ‘was gone’.
Upon Strauss-Kahn receiving the CIA evidence, this report continues, he made immediate arrangements to leave the US for Paris, but when contacted by agents working for France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) that American authorities were seeking his capture he fled to New York City’s JFK airport following these agents directive not to take his cell-phone because US police could track his exact location.
Once Strauss-Kahn was safely boarded on an Air France flight to Paris, however, this FSB report says he made a ‘fatal mistake’ by calling the hotel from a phone on the plane and asking them to forwarded the cell-phone he had been told to leave behind to his French residence, after which US agents were able to track and apprehend him.
Within the past fortnight, this report continues, Strauss-Kahn reached out to his close friend and top Egyptian banker Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar to retrieve from the US the evidence given to him by the CIA. Omar, however, and exactly like Strauss-Kahn before him, was charged yesterday by the US with a sex crime against a luxury hotel maid, a charge the FSB labels as ‘beyond belief’ due to Omar being 74-years-old and a devout Muslim.
In an astounding move puzzling many in Moscow, Putin after reading this secret FSB report today ordered posted to the Kremlin’s official website a defense of Strauss-Khan becoming the first world leader to state that the former IMF chief was a victim of a US conspiracy. Putin further stated, “It’s hard for me to evaluate the hidden political motives but I cannot believe that it looks the way it was initially introduced. It doesn’t sit right in my head.”
Interesting to note about all of these events is that one of the United States top Congressman, and 2012 Presidential candidate, Ron Paul [photo bottom left] has long stated his belief that the US government has lied about its gold reserves held at Fort Knox. So concerned had Congressman Paul become about the US government and the Federal Reserve hiding the truth about American gold reserves he put forward a bill in late 2010 to force an audit of them, but which was subsequently defeated by Obama regime forces.
When directly asked by reporters if he believed there was no gold in Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve, Congressman Paul gave the incredible reply, “I think it is a possibility.”
Also interesting to note is that barely 3 days after the arrest of Strauss-Kahn, Congressman Paul made a new call for the US to sell its gold reserves by stating, “Given the high price it is now, and the tremendous debt problem we now have, by all means, sell at the peak.”
Bizarre reports emanating from the US for years, however, suggest there is no gold to sell, and as we can read as posted in 2009 on the ViewZone.Com news site:
To the final fate of Strauss-Kahn it is not in our knowing, but new reports coming from the United States show his determination not to go down without a fight as he has hired what is described as a ‘crack team’ of former CIA spies, private investigators and media advisers to defend him.
To the practical effects on the global economy should it be proved that the US, indeed, has been lying about its gold reserves, Russia’s Central Bank yesterday ordered the interest rate raised from 0.25 to 3.5 percent and Putin ordered the export ban on wheat and grain crops lifted by July 1st in a move designed to fill the Motherlands coffers with money that normally would have flowed to the US.
The American peoples ability to know the truth of these things, and as always, has been shouted out by their propaganda media organs leaving them in danger of not being prepared for the horrific economic collapse of their nation now believed will much sooner than later.

10 Apocolyptic Things That The Mainstream Media Is and has Been Strangely Quiet About!

In times like these, it is more important than ever to think for ourselves. The corporate-owned mainstream media is not interested in looking out for us. Rather, they are going to tell us whatever fits with the agenda that their owners are pushing.

1) The Nuclear crisis at the Fort Calhoun nuclear facility in Nebraska USA has received almost no attention in the International mainstream media. It has been inundated with flooding and is completely flooded out. The ground level spent fuel pools were flooded out and the river water is now mixing with the cooling water and flowing back down the river.
How many millions will be in contact with this water that is now totally radioactive?

2) Most people are aware that the U.S. is involved in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. However, the truth is that the U.S. military is also regularly bombing YemenPakistan and parts of  Somalia. If you count the countries where the U.S. has special forces and/or covert operatives on the ground, the U.S. is probably "active" in more countries in the Middle East than it is not. Now there are even persistent rumors that U.S. ground units are being prepared to go into Libya. Are we watching the early stages of World War 3 unfold before our eyes in slow motion? It was obvious with Hitler's Nazi's because the west was against them but now it IS the west. Who will tell us before it's too late? NOBODY!

3) The crisis at Fukushima continues to get worse. Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear industry senior vice president, recently made the following statement about the Fukushima disaster....
"Fukushima is the biggest industrial catastrophe in the history of mankind"
TEPCO has finally admitted that this disaster has released more radioactive material into the environment than Chernobyl did. That makes Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster of all time, and it is far from over.
Massive amounts of water is being poured into the spent fuel pools in order to keep them cool. This is creating "hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive sea water" that has got to go somewhere. Inevitably much of it will get into the ground and into the sea.
Arnold Gundersen says that the scope of this problem is almost unimaginable....

4) Members of USA Congress continue to mention Christians as a threat to national security. For example, during a recent Congressional hearing U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee warned that "Christian militants" might try to "bring down the country" and that such groups need to be investigated.

5) China's eastern province of Zhejiang has experienced that worst flooding that it has seen in 55 years. 2 million people have already been forced to leave their homes. China has already been having huge problems with their crops over the past few years and this is only going to make things worse.

6) Thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act (USA), over the counter trading of gold and silver is going to be illegal starting on July 15th. Or at least that is what some companies apparently now believe. The following is an excerpt from an email that recently sent out to their customers....
Important Account Notice Re: Metals Trading
We wanted to make you aware of some upcoming changes to’s product offering. As a result of the Dodd-Frank Act enacted by US Congress, a new regulation prohibiting US residents from trading over the counter precious metals, including gold and silver, will go into effect on Friday, July 15, 2011.
In conjunction with this new regulation, must discontinue metals trading for US residents on Friday, July 15, 2011 at the close of trading at 5pm ET. As a result, all open metals positions must be closed by July 15, 2011 at 5pm ET.
We encourage you to wind down your trading activity in these products over the next month in anticipation of the new rule, as any open XAU or XAG positions that remain open prior to July 15, 2011 at approximately 5:00 pm ET will be automatically liquidated.
We sincerely regret any inconvenience complying with the new U.S. regulation may cause you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.
The Team at

7)  All over the world, huge cracks are appearing for no discernible reason. For example, a massive crack that is approximately 3 kilometers long recent appeared in southern Peru. Also, a 500 foot long crack suddenly appeared recently in the state of Michigan. When you also throw in all of the gigantic sinkholes that have been opening all over the world including Australia, it is easy to conclude that the planet is becoming very unstable.

8) There are reports that North Korea has tested a "super EMP weapon" which would be capable of taking out a country's power grid in a single shot. The North Koreans are apparently about to conduct another nuclear test and that has some officials very concerned.

9) NASA has just launched a "major" preparedness initiative for all NASA personnel. The following is an excerpt about this plan from NASA's own website....
A major initiative has been placed on Family/Personal Preparedness for all NASA personnel. The NASA Family/Personal Preparedness Program is designed to provide awareness, resources, and tools to the NASA Family (civil servants and contractors) to prepare for an emergency situation. The most important assets in the successful completion of NASA’s mission are our employees’ and their families. We are taking the steps to prepare our workforce, but it is your personal obligation to prepare yourself and your families for emergencies.

In short, Americas Gold is GONE! So concerned had Congressman Ron Paul become about the US government and the Federal Reserve hiding the truth about American gold reserves that he put forward a bill in late 2010 to force an audit of them, but which was subsequently defeated by Obama regime forces.  Funny that!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cannabis (Hemp) Cures Cancer - "Run From The Cure" The Rick Simpson Story

One of the big problems we face today is the fact that the big drug companies (BigPharma) have set out to stop all natural medicine remedies that they cannot produce, because they are not patentable.
This cure for cancer fits into that category, and the video shows exactly why this conspiracy to deny health without profit for them needs to be stopped.
Publicity is the best way to expose corruption, and this is corruption of the highest level, so I post this on the hub, knowing that Hub Pages receive 20 million hits a month, so just maybe some folk will see this, and by linking, Stumbling, using social network sites and emailing links, we can put this information into the lives of those who may benefit FREE OF CHARGE from this remedy that could and should be available to everyone.
Please view this video in it's entirity, and act as you feel that you should.
Government have shown us that they are NOT reliable to safeguard our health, that they have conspired with the drug and food indutries to ensure profit takes precedent over health.
But we, the people, can defeat this conspiracy by civil disobedience, your disobedience starts by consuming what the video shows us, and ensuring that the information is passed onward, and that we expose the conspiracy against natural health that has now reached critical levels.
Below the video we will look at Codex Alimentarias, a set of rules that will in time stop all natral medicine being used in the world.
Thank you...


Codex Alimentarias

Codex alimentarius is one of the major bodies behind the effort to limit access to nutritional products and information.
Its motivation is not rocket science and neither is the source of its funding - money that somehow expected to return a profit to its members . . .
Most of the information available regarding codex alimentarius refers to its role in the USA, but it is not a US-specific body.
Far from it, Codex has wiggled its dirty little tentacles into just about every national or international body concerned with public health.
Posing as a benefactor, it then uses its significant financial and political clout to do its masters bidding.
What can we expect under Codex?
To give you an idea, here are some important points:
  • Dietary supplements could not be sold for preventive (prophylactic) or therapeutic use.
  • Potencies would be limited to extremely low dosages. Only the drug companies and the big phytopharmaceutical companies would have the right to produce and sell the higher potency products (at inflated prices).
  • Prescriptions would be required for anything above the extremely low doses allowed (such as 35 mg. on niacin).
  • Common foods such as garlic and peppermint would be classified as drugs or a third category (neither food nor drugs) that only big pharmaceutical companies could regulate and sell. Any food with any therapeutic effect can be considered a drug, even benign everyday substances like water.
  • Codex regulations for dietary supplements would become binding (escape clauses would be eliminated).
  • All new dietary supplements would be banned unless they go through Codex testing and approval.
  • Genetically altered food would be sold worldwide without labeling.
OK, now hopefully we have your attention, so lets move onwards.
Scripture predicted these changes in these last days, and 'pinned the tail to the donkey', when it named it the 'Doctrine of Devils' - that is; a doctrine designed and applied that is inspired by Satan not God.
Who do you want in charge of your health... God or Satan?


Australia’s refugee ‘solution’ is a national disgrace

By Francis Wade Jun 27, 2011 3:34PM UTC

Australia-Malaysia refugeesThe Australian government’s apathetic treatment of refugees and asylum seekers has long been a blot on its record – an irony given the historical make-up of the country and its rulers. Any hope that the new Gillard administration would reverse the hawkish policies of former prime minister John Howard, who championed the island gulags that hold thousands of refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma and elsewhere, has been short-lived – Gillard, herself a Welsh immigrant to Australia, is pushing ahead with a plan to send hundreds of refugees to Malaysia, one of only a handful of countries not to have ratified the UN refugee convention and which is therefore not bound by international laws dictating how refugees should be treated.
Forgetting the hypocrisy of Canberra’s attempts to deny those in need asylum (Gillard arrived in Australia aged four after doctors in the UK prescribed a warmer climate as a cure for a bronchial condition), there is real concern about the conditions that the 800 refugees earmarked for the ‘Malaysia Solution’ will be forced into. Nearly 170,000 refugees and asylum-seekers “come to Malaysia seeking safety, having fled situations of torture, persecution or death threats,” said an Amnesty report last year. “But once they arrive, they are abused, exploited, arrested and locked-up – in effect treated like criminals.”
The 800 leaving Australia for Malaysia are mostly ‘boatpeople’ who have washed up on Australia’s shores only to be detained in over-crowded, high security centres on Christmas Island or onshore camps, where some have been known to stay for as long as five years. They are the victims of Howard’s strengthening in 2001 of the government’s mandatory detention policy, which allows for indefinite detention of unauthorised persons, including children (something that the ruling Labour government, which used as an election stick criticism of the ‘children behind razor wire’ practice of Howard, spoke out against in the run-up to the 2007 vote).
By inking the deal with Malaysia, Gillard has violated Australia’s obligations to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of which Article 33 states that “no contracting State shall expel or return (refouler) a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his (or her) life or freedom would be threatened”. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, has already said the move is illegal, and Australia’s parliament has rejected it, but that matters little – it is effectively a done deal, Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition told DVB earlier this month.
Every now and then, a detainee in one of these Australian centres erupts in a fit of frustration, and for a brief period draws attention to conditions in the camps – earlier this year a man from the Rohingya minority in Burma attempted to set himself on fire in a Darwin camp; last week another Burmese man went on hunger strike. Other nationalities populating the camps have fled war and persecution in the Middle East, Sri Lanka, and elsewhere; now bound for Malaysia, they will be sent to the back of the immigration queue and forced to go through the interminable trials of registration. During that uncertain period, “they face the daily prospect of being arrested, detained in squalid conditions, and tortured and otherwise ill-treated, including by caning”, says the Amnesty report, followed by a precarious life within the bounds of strict immigrant laws.
Gillard et al are using the initiative as a warning “not to get on that boat” – continual acceptance of refugees would also “send the wrong message” to the people smugglers who facilitate these perilous journeys across seas, they say. Some observers claim it is a populist appeal aimed at harnessing support from Australia’s growing anti-immigration lobby. Regardless, Gillard chooses to ignore the end-results of these policies – a striking show of callousness and hypocrisy given her background.

USA "Blackmails" UN. - General Assembly can nullify "VETO POWERS" under "Uniting for Peace" mechanism

The US could withdraw funding from the United Nations if its members decide to recognise and independent Palestinian state, a close ally of President Barack Obama has warned.

By Jon Swaine, New York and Adrian Blomfield
The US could withdraw funding from the United Nations if its members decide to recognise and independent Palestinian state, a close ally of President Barack Obama has warned. Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the UN, said there was "no greater threat" to US support and funding of the UN than the prospect of Palestinian statehood being endorsed by member states.
Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian authority, plans to ask the UN general assembly, which comprises all 192 members, to vote on recognition at its annual meeting in New York in September.
The US and Israel are pressing Mr Abbas to drop his plans. Mr Obama has strongly opposed the move, raising the prospect of a veto in the UN Security Council, which is expected to vote on a Palestinian statehood proposal in July.
But Palestinian officials have spoken of their determination to a circumvent a US veto by deploying a rarely used Cold War mechanism known as "Uniting for Peace" under which a two-thirds majority in the General Assembly can override the Security Council.
Although Palestinians believe they are close to securing such a majority, the General Assembly does not have the power to confer UN membership on a new Palestinian state, meaning that a successful vote would represent little more than a symbolic triumph.

Even so, Republicans in the US Congress are promising to react aggressively to any approval of statehood. Two congressmen have already vowed to initiate bills to withdraw UN funding in the House of Representatives.
Such a development could be devastating to the UN. The US provides almost a quarter of its $2.5 billion (£1.6 billion) annual budget, making a yearly contribution of almost $600 million (£375 million).
Speaking at an event in Washington, Miss Rice said the Obama administration was devoting "extraordinary efforts and energy" to restarting middle-eastern peace talks so that a vote in September could be avoided.
On the prospect of it being approved, she said: "This would be exceedingly politically damaging in our domestic context, as you can well imagine.
"And I cannot frankly think of a greater threat to our ability to maintain financial and political support for the United Nations in Congress than such an outcome".
A video of Miss Rice making the comments has been removed from the internet.
Attempting to play down their significance, a spokesman for the ambassador said: "These were informal remarks in a domestic setting."
The US is desperate to avoid being put into a position of having to wield its veto. With growing international support for Palestinian statehood, even in Europe, the US is looking increasingly isolated in its support for Israel and a veto would badly damage Mr Obama's credentials in a rapidly changing Middle East.
But the president faces a politically damaging backlash from the pro-Israeli lobby and its many supporters in Congress if he does not block a resolution, a move that could also cost all-important Jewish votes in key swing states like Florida during next year's presidential election.
Mr Obama has already angered the Israeli government and its US supporters by calling for a Palestinian state that roughly corresponds to the existing boundaries of the West Bank and Gaza, which Israel occupied after the Six Day war of 1967.
The move was intended to rejuvenate the stalled Middle East peace process.
But Palestinian officials, in public at least, say they remain committed to a UN vote as the only realistic way of breaking the deadlock.
Western powers have backed a two-year Palestinian state-building programme that reaches fruition at the end of August. It has already been judged a success by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and Palestinian officials say it would be hypocritical for the West to back the state-building exercise but not its "logical outcome".
Britain has indicated that it would not join the US in vetoing Palestinian statehood in the Security Council. But David Cameron is also hoping to avert a highly divisive vote in the general assembly.
"The question is whether we can do anything that might deflect the Palestinians from going ahead with this," a British diplomatic source said.
Some Palestinian officials have conceded in private that they do not want to fall out with Mr Obama and are working on ways to resume peace talks with Israel and postpone a statehood vote.

Monday, 27 June 2011

French Foreign Min Regrets Russia, China Veto Intervention In Syria (Paris 26th June)

PARIS -(Dow Jones)- French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe Sunday said he regrets Russia's and China's veto threat to a United Nations Security Council's resolution to authorize an intervention in Syria.
France and other countries haven't submitted any resolution on Syria to the Security Council, as they expect the action to be blocked.
"I regret the repression continues unleashed in conditions that threaten the region's security," Juppe said in an interview with French TV cable news channel LCI.
He said France is working with other countries in the UN's Security Council to secure an agreement in favor of an intervention in Syria, Juppe said.
-By Inti Landauro, Dow Jones Newswires; +33 1 4017 1740; inti.landauro@


Recently, we members of the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL), in particular and Sierra Leoneans in general strongly condemned President Abdoulaye Wade’s undemocratic, unconstitutional, illegal, anti-African, anti-blacks, satanic decision to back the heinous, criminal and genocide campaign by terrorist al-Qaeda based in Eastern Libya against the Libyan people. We also condemned Mr. Wade’s stupid and arrogant comments about Libyan leader Muammar Qathafi and the Libyan Government.
President Wade has not only associated himself with the devil to assassinate a sister sovereign independent African nation, but has abandoned the oath of office he swore to defend the Constitution of Senegal and to promote peace, stability and to combat terrorism in Africa and elsewhere on the global village. Mr. Wade swore also to end the rebellion in the Cassamance region of Senegal. While the aged leader is huffing and puffing for regime change in Libya through foreign aggression and crusade attacks, Mr. Wade has lost his sense of reason and has betrayed the conscience of the Africans everywhere.
In this Press Release, we expose and condemn further President Wade’s complicity in NATO’s brutal terrorism against the people of Libya.
It has become clear by the passing hour that the rogue government of President Abdoulaye Wade in Dakar is plotting with foreign detractors to overthrow the legitimate Government of Libya and to murder Muammar Qathafi and his entire family-i.e. the goal of NATO’s current aggression of Libya, an impeccable source in Dakar intimated us. This decision by President Wade to plot the murder of Muammar Qathafi and his family was taken at a meeting of secret service agents from the US, France, Britain, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The Israeli dreaded MOSSADS were also present at the meeting which was held in Saint Louis in Senegal.
President Wade has also allowed territories of Senegal to be used by anti-Libyan, anti-African terrorist outfits for training, transits and planning violent attacks against the Libyan state.
In carrying out the aggression against Libya, President Abdoulaye Wade along his idols, President Nicola Sarcozy, David Cameron, Barrack Obama and the corrupt Monarchy empires in the Arabian Gulf region are all guilty of planning and brutally executing an illegal war of aggression-the crime for which the Nazi leaders were arrested and tried at Nuremberg and summarily executed. They hands are stained with the blood of thousands of Africans killed in Libya since the aggression in February, 2011. All those responsible should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity and prosecuted before an international tribunal.
Down with the traitors of Africa!
Down with the traitors of the African people!
Sulaiman Mulku Dumbuya
PDL National Secretary for Political Education and Mass Mobilisation.

Editors Note: PDL is an affiliate organization of Green Charter International.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Manifesto of The Spanish Revolution (English)

Democracia real YAWe are ordinary people. We are like you: people, who get up every morning to study, work or find a job, people who have family and friends. People, who work hard every day to provide a better future for those around us.
Some of us consider ourselves progressive, others conservative. Some of us are believers, some not. Some of us have clearly defined ideologies, others are apolitical, but we are all concerned and angry about the political, economic, and social outlook which we see around us: corruption among politicians, businessmen, bankers, leaving us helpless, without a voice.
This situation has become normal, a daily suffering, without hope. But if we join forces, we can change it. It’s time to change things, time to build a better society together. Therefore, we strongly argue that:

The priorities of any advanced society must be equality, progress, solidarity, freedom of culture, sustainability and development, welfare and people’s happiness.
These are inalienable truths that we should abide by in our society: the right to housing, employment, culture, health, education, political participation, free personal development, and consumer rights for a healthy and happy life.
The current status of our government and economic system does not take care of these rights, and in many ways is an obstacle to human progress.
Democracy belongs to the people (demos = people, krátos = government) which means that government is made of every one of us. However, in Spain most of the political class does not even listen to us. Politicians should be bringing our voice to the institutions, facilitating the political participation of citizens through direct channels that provide the greatest benefit to the wider society, not to get rich and prosper at our expense, attending only to the dictatorship of major economic powers and holding them in power through a bipartidism headed by the immovable acronym PP & PSOE.
Lust for power and its accumulation in only a few; create inequality, tension and injustice, which leads to violence, which we reject. The obsolete and unnatural economic model fuels the social machinery in a growing spiral that consumes itself by enriching a few and sends into poverty the rest. Until the collapse.
The will and purpose of the current system is the accumulation of money, not regarding efficiency and the welfare of society. Wasting resources, destroying the planet, creating unemployment and unhappy consumers.
Citizens are the gears of a machine designed to enrich a minority which does not regard our needs. We are anonymous, but without us none of this would exist, because we move the world.
If as a society we learn to not trust our future to an abstract economy, which never returns benefits for the most, we can eliminate the abuse that we are all suffering.
We need an ethical revolution. Instead of placing money above human beings, we shall put it back to our service. We are people, not products. I am not a product of what I buy, why I buy and who I buy from.

For all of the above, I am outraged.
I think I can change it.
I think I can help.
I know that together we can.I think I can help.

I know that together we can.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

NZ Judges are basically a bunch self obsessed of Inbreeds!


Suppose you awoke one day to find that by executive decree all but a couple of the 122 Members of Parliament were to be white Anglican, horse breeding lawyers who mix in the same tight social circles and whose priority is security of their possessions. If after they met the new Members passed a multitude of laws stating immigration is restricted to Europe and North America, horse breeders are exempt from paying taxes, the Northern Club is granted exclusive use of Albert Park for a new party facility and carpark and theft of property is now punishable by death, would this amount to a conspiracy on its face?

The answer is "No". It is human nature for people to make decisions which are rooted in self-interest. They do not need to collude to promote interests they share. The actions might further be considered egalitarian if the members were a mirror image of New Zealand and their actions were reflective of the mores of society. That non-horse breeders are left to pick up the tax burden, Albert Park users no longer have that enjoyment and NZ citizens from South America and Asia cannot have family members join them becomes merely a casualty of the balancing exercise where societal interests conflict.

The problem in a democratic and just society of course is if the decision making process appears arbitrary, is not transparent, subverts societal mores and benefits a privileged few at the expense of society on the whole.

It is inconceivable a democratic nation as diverse as New Zealand would accept the reins of power being vested in this parochial oligarchy. What few realise is that this has become the adopted model for the judicial branch of government since the loss of the Privy Council as the final appellate court in 2004. There is little diversity among New Zealand High Court judges, which includes Court of Appeal and Supreme Court judges. Only three were born off shore (all England) and two are Maori, although you could not tell by looking at them. If they all look like family, it is because they largely are. There are many cousins and even a husband and wife (Simon and Ellen France). The great majority are former Crown lawyers or children of past judges. It is not a conspiracy that they have a hard time recognizing white collar crime and the civil rights of individuals considering their privileged backgrounds and cloistered environs. If the Chief Justice has substantial shares in the state carrier, and the state carrier has been particularly kind in providing service and holidays to just a few of her judicial colleagues, it does not require a conspiracy for the appellate court to uphold a court verdict which had seemed a straightforward breach of antitrust laws. That the presiding judge alone controls the official record of what occurred helps to keeps things tidy.

That this is a huge problem for New Zealand was evident in the snickers from the business community to the announcement of PM John Key's futile dream that New Zealand become a financial hub along the line of Singapore. Even if the public are shielded by the shroud of secrecy which pervades many NZ court proceedings, business people with money to invest make it their objective to look at the economic and legal playing field. If the laws are found to not be equitably applied, investors want to at least know what the bribing regime is for judges. The problem for New Zealand is that while businesspeople see judicial decisions inconsistent with law and fact, they are told corruption of judges does not exist. They are left bewildered when a distinguished judge such as Susan Glazebrook on the Court of Appeal states from the bench she is not interested in whether a party has submitted fraudulent documents to the Court, refuses to look at the evidence this is so, relies upon the deceptive documents in support of the reserved judgment, then suppresses the court record.

Everyone now knows that after the Privy Council roundly chastised the New Zealand Court of Appeal for systemic legal abuses in Taito v R, Attorney General of the day Margaret Wilson led a coup to shoot the messenger and appoint the very Court of Appeal judges who were guilty of a homegrown brand of selective lawlessness to New Zealand's new court of last resort. What little judicial diversity - and redress - New Zealand offered before effectively evaporated.

One upshot of this incestuous consolidation of judicial power is that, in contrast to the United States or other Commonwealth countries, there is little realistic expectation that litigants in New Zealand will get an arm's length and fairer legal shake at the appellate court. Aside from appointing judges from a small social subsection in this land of 4 million people, the revolving door nature of the appellate court routinely has judges from the High Court sitting in judgment on the Court of Appeal and judges on the Supreme Court reviewing appeals of decisions they made when on the Court of Appeal.

Public ignorance of the nation's judges who exercise unbridled power is by design. The obscure selection process extends to the austere announcements of each appointment, ordinarily little more than a 100 word blip of tantalizing PR put out by the Attorney General. Court proceedings themselves are often black holes of information. Unless our desire to know who these people are and what they are doing forces a modicum of transparency, we have not learned the lessons of history.

New Zealand judges are not elected - 17 June 2010

New Zealand judges are not elected. They are effectively appointed without scrutiny, in secret, by two officials. Once appointed, they have the job for life and, for all practical purposes, are not held personally accountable for their actions. No judge has been removed from office in New Zealand history (although a few have resigned through the years under clouds of scandal).

Extremely little is publicly known about these judges who provide such a critical function to society. The risk of this public ignorance has been heightened recently by judicial conflict revelations.
New Zealand lawyers are indoctrinated not to express informed opinions of judges. A number of Crown lawyers responded to say they did not consider it appropriate to, or were prevented from, participating in a survey despite the survey being expressly anonymous. Lawyers were invited to post back the surveys in plain envelopes. 

No less than the New Zealand Law Society President made a public plea for lawyers not to participate.
These are the lawyers who have been educated to protect our democracy and freedoms. Can you imagine the Law Society and Crown campaigning to keep information on the official conduct of Members of Parliament from being made public?
A total of 730 lawyers and court-minders nationwide were sent this first ever survey of New Zealand judges and asked to evaluate only those judges they were familiar with. The response rate was disappointing, at less than 7%.

Only the 62 Judges in the High Court and above were included in the survey. The results were certainly enlightening, and often surprising.
Retiring Court of Appeal Judge David Baragwanath was the highest overall scorer at 9.1, with embattled Supreme Court Judge Bill Wilson pulling a dismal 3.1 in last place.
Lawyers were asked to score each judge on a scale of 1 to 10 in four categories; knowledge of the law, intelligence, personal character and fairness - as well as provide relevant comments. A survey with all '10's was not considered serious and discarded.

Though women comprise 21% of the judges surveyed, they captured half of the top ten spots and 3 of the top 5 in the rankings. The average rating for female judges was 7.75, compared to 7.50 for the men.
Male judges still scored, on average, higher in knowledge of the law and intelligence, but the women blew the men away on perceived fairness and integrity. If Judith Potter J - a definite outlier in the survey - was removed, female judges on average were considered an astounding 28% fairer in their judicial approach than their male counterparts.
The results from the survey also raised the disturbing possibility that the overall judicial pool is short on talent and that, with the possible exception of Sian Elias, the New Zealand Supreme Court is not the bastion for this scarce legal talent. There appears palpable fear by some lawyers responding that the Supreme Court is not as reliable as the Privy Council was.

Judicial independence was also regularly raised as a concern. So many of the current judges are related or engaged in business ventures together. There is little diversity on the court, with judges coming from many of the same law firms and clubs, and minorities virtually unrepresented. Several lawyers admitted to suffering through cases where the judges had potential conflicts of interest, afraid to raise it for fear of offending the judge and prompting retaliation. Comments were common that many judges act with overt bias on Crown cases.

These results strongly suggest that New Zealand consider re-evaluating the mechanism by which judges are appointed, promoted and monitored. A copy of the survey results has been sent to the Attorney General and New Zealand Law Society.


The denial of trial by jury to the eighteen Operation 8 defendants by judicial decree is now before the New Zealand Supreme Court. Though the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act, Judicature Act and Crimes Act all exhort the right to elect trial by jury, do not hold your breath that the Supreme Court will uphold the law and reverse the lower court decisions. 

At the fore is the ease to which the still infant Supreme Court has repeatedly cast aside statutory guarantees to trial by jury in the most spurious fashion. The lower court reasoning that a jury would use improper reasoning in its decision-making against these 18 defendants sounds too Orwellian to stand in law. But the Supreme Court has been masterful in creating fictitious reasons why such laws have not mattered in the past.

Variously the Supreme Court has stated issues are too complex for juries, trials too long or, simply, made a broad reference that trial by juries are not fair to juries or judges, or have been denied in some case in some other country.

The seminal right to jury, which has been a linchpin in the English legal system for 800 years, is being destroyed by judicial fiat in New Zealand. If you think the effects will be benign, or even positive, consider the following Supreme Court decisions.

In 2009, the Supreme Court, when prohibiting trial by jury in Wenzel v Queen, surreptitiously tagged on an irrelevant opinion to obscure contravention of clear statute when it ruled "The proposed grounds of appeal are quite hopeless. First of all, it is an impossible argument that a fair trial requires a trial by jury." The appeal did not state "fairness" as a ground: it relied upon Bill of Rights Act and Crimes Act guarantees. If this was not troubling enough, the Supreme Court relied upon a Canadian case, R v Lee, where the defendant did not show up for his jury trial, and then was denied one, as grounds why its decision to prohibit jury was consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Wenzel was facing 7 years in prison. In the subsequent judge-alone trial, he was sentenced to 5 years by District Court Judge Epati. In later overturning the verdict and ordering a new trial, the Court of Appeal pulled no punches in stating the Judge had failed fundamental principles of fairness and logic in finding Wenzel guilty. Equally troubling, the Judge dismissed charges against the lawyer who was Mr Wenzel's co-defendant and gave that lawyer name suppression without justification and without providing reasons. Fairness by judge-alone?

In Solicitor General v Siemer last year, the Supreme Court covered up the fact that the High Court ignored Mr Siemer's election to trial by jury by quashing the judgment and ordering a new conviction and penalty of three months prison, thereby meeting the Bill of Rights Act threshold for judge-alone trial. Proving the judges on the highest court are eminently more efficient at least than juries, the bench declared a new trial was not necessary because the Solicitor General's unsworn submissions from the bar were sufficient to confirm guilt.

Then there is the case of Gregory v Gollan, where the Supreme Court, in 2009, reaffirmed the lower courts were correct to use discretion to deny Mr Gregory's "application" for trial by jury. Gregory's counsel responded to the Supreme Court that an "application" was not required and was not made. He asserted Judicature Act, section 19 A(2) gave Gregory the direct right to "require" a trial by jury. Because the Supreme Court's actions were such a blatant contravention of the rule of law, Counsel requested Attorney General Chris Finlayson intervene in the public interest. Finlayson's office responded simply that judicial independence effectively means judges can pick and choose which laws they want to apply in New Zealand. For its own part, the Supreme Court refused to be pulled into defending its seemingly lawless decision and simply ignored the evident inconsistency brought to its attention.

We may not consider this issue important now, but there are profound reasons why trial by jury is central to egalitarian legal systems. History will judge New Zealand jurisprudence on this issue of trial by jury. And history has shown us that public complacency is an elementary factor in degradation of the rule of law by those in power.

The BIS is a notoriously corrupt institution that was founded and run by top Nazis

At a Council on Foreign Relations meeting 2010, European Central Bank head Jean-Claude Trichet called for the Bank for International Settlements to be used as the de facto global bank.

Globalists are intent on exploiting the financial crisis to set up a ‘bank of the world’ that will be used to further centralize financial regulatory power and control over national economies for the administrative convenience of central bankers.

The BIS is a notoriously corrupt institution that was founded and run by top Nazis in league with British and American industrialists during and after the second world war. Power brokers who controlled the BIS included men such as Herman Schmitz, the director of IG Farben, whose subsidiary company manufactured Zyklon B, the pesticide used in Nazi concentration camp gas chambers to kill Jews and political dissidents during the Holocaust.

Another director of the bank was Walter Funk, who was appointed Nazi propaganda minister in 1933 before going on to become Hitler’s Minister for Economic Affairs. Another BIS director during this period was Emil Puhl, who as director and vice-president of Germany’s Reichsbank was responsible for moving Nazi gold. Both Funk and Puhl were convicted at the Nuremberg trials as war criminals.
Despite the fact that the BIS was also run by American and British industrialists and bankers, according to author Charles Higham, the bank became, “A money funnel for American and British funds to flow into Hitler’s coffers and to help Hitler build up his war machine.”

Today, the BIS is headed by the world’s central bankers, people like Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke and Bank of England head Mervyn King, as well as Trichet himself.
There is no doubt that the elite are pushing for a global central bank and a global currency – the only issue in their eyes is whether this bank will be controlled by the predatory IMF or the Nazi-founded corrupt BIS, which in either case would represent another dangerous lurch towards authoritarian world government run by financial terrorists who have feverishly set about exploiting the financial crisis their policies created in order to lock in global economic fascism.

Short List of New Zealand Taxes (Incomplete)

Accounts Receivable Tax Airline surcharge tax Airline Fuel Tax Airport Maintenance Tax Building  Permit Tax Cigarette Tax Corporate Income Tax Death Tax Dog License Tax Driving Permit Tax Environmental Tax (Fee) Excise Taxes Local Body Tax Unemployment (UI) Fishing License Tax Food License Tax Gasoline Tax (too much per litre) Gross Receipts Tax Health Tax Hunting  License Tax Hydro Tax Inheritance Tax Interest Tax Liquor Tax Luxury Taxes Marriage License Tax Medicare Tax Mortgage Tax Personal Income Tax Property Tax Poverty Tax Prescription Drug Tax Provincial Income and sales tax Real Estate Tax Recreational Vehicle Tax Retail Sales Tax Service Charge Tax School Tax Telephone Tax Telephone , Provincial and Local Surcharge  axes Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax Vehicle License Registration Tax Vehicle Sales  Tax Water Tax Watercraft Registration Tax Well Permit Tax Workers Compensation Tax

Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had a large middle class, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids. What in "Hell" happened? 

The Tax Man's Prayer

Tax his land,  Tax his bed,
Tax the table at which he's fed.

Tax his work, Tax his pay,
He works for peanuts anyway!

Tax his cow, Tax his goat,
Tax his pants, Tax his coat.

Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink,
Tax him if he tries to think..

Tax his car, Tax his gas,
Find other ways to tax his ass.

Tax all he has then let him know
That you won't be done till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers;
Tax him some more,
Tax him till he's good and sore.

Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave,
Tax the sod in which he's laid.

When he's gone, do not relax,
Its time to apply the inheritance tax.


Nuclear Attack On US Warned Imminent As Saudi War Nears -

A secret report authored by Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Northern Fleet Units that have taken up positions off the US East Coast with their British, French and American counterparts for the FRUKUS 2011 exercise have been “alerted” that their operations have now been combined with those of the US Marines “Mailed Fist” operation involving tens-of-thousands of troops due to the US believing a nuclear attack upon one or more of its cities is “imminent.”
According to Admiral Vysotsky’s chilling report, both the US and EU have received “substantial” intelligence indicating that the detonation of a low-level nuclear device has been planned to occur in a major NATO nation within the next week that has been orchestrated by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP).
Admiral Vysotsky further states in his report that President Obama [photo top left kneeling before Saudi King Fahd] is in route to the Fort Drum Army Base in New York today to be briefed on and oversee these operations should an attack actually take place.
Being kept from the American people about these events are how close their nation is to all-out war with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and as we had detailed in our 28 May report “Obama Vows War On Saudi Arabia, Orders Thousands Of US Troops To Region.”
Increasing the fears of Saudi Arabia towards Obama, this report continues, was the American President announcing yesterday his plans to begin withdrawing US Military Forces from Afghanistan, which both the Saudis and Pakistan believe will be used, instead, to target them under a plan devised by two of Obama’s most trusted friends, and Pakistani nationals, Wahid Hamid and Hasan Chandoo.
Important to note about Hamid and Chandoo is that aside from their being the top two bundlers of campaign contributions allowing Obama to become President, they are, also, Shiite Muslims associated with the powerful Pakistani Bhutto clan whose last leader, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated on 27 December 2007 before she could take power, a killing that all of Obama’s allies blame on Pakistan’s ISI working in concert with Saudi Arabia’s GIP and Pakistan’s Sunni Muslim military rulers.
Obama’s first meeting with the Bhutto clan was in 1981 when he traveled to Pakistan in a visit hosted by Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Mian Muhammadian Soomro whose rule was made possible by the execution of Benazir Bhutto’s father, Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1979, and who was, notably, the last Shiite ruler of the majority Sunni Pakistan.
At this point it is important for Americans to note that their so called “War on Terror” is, in fact, a global “fight to the death” between the majority Arab Sunni Muslims and their Persian Shiite Muslim foes that has raged for centuries, and that for decades saw the US supporting the Sunni’s, especially Saudi Arabia, but since the events of 11 September 2001 has seen them switch sides to Shiite’s.
If it weren’t for the fact that lands holding the vast majority of our world’s last remaining oil and gas resources are controlled by these two rival Islamic factions one could be assured that the wars we see now, and the greater ones to come, would not involve the world’s greatest powers. But, as this is not the case, and the Sunni’s and Shiite’s do, indeed, control the future of the 21st Century by virtue of their energy wealth, the world’s powers have no choice.
The events of 9/11 proved a turning point in this Sunni-Shiite war when the Sunni Muslim led nations of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan engineered the horrific attacks upon the US with assistance from rogue elements within the American military and intelligence communities.
The United States response to this attack against them was a multi-decade plan to destroy the entire Sunni Muslim Arab world while at the same time protecting their new Shiite allies, most notably Persian Iran, who more than any other nation has benefited from America’s wars that has seen their two most hated enemies, Saddam Hussein’s led Iraq, and Afghanistan’s Taliban virtually destroyed.
With both former Sunni-led Iraq and Afghanistan now under Shiite control, and protected by American military might, the US then turned its sights on the other Arab Sunni-controlled nations, most notably Egypt, which after their revolution reestablished ties with Iran.
With Obama ordering the killing of Osama bin Laden, however, the “game” America was playing could no longer be disguised and the whole of the Arab Sunni world now knows the US has, indeed, sided with the Shiite’s and they must respond in kind if they are to survive.
Unfortunately, for the vast numbers of Americans at least, warnings unheeded are the same as no warning ever given at all.
And because these warnings have gone unheeded, and as Saudi Arabia continues its spending of hundreds-of-billions of dollars to counter the United States attempt to destroy the Arab Sunni world, the only move, so to speak, left for the Sunni’s is to bring this war directly to the very doorsteps of America and Europe.
Equally important to note is that Obama’s main ally in this titanic struggle between the Sunnis and Shiites, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is under threat of impeachment from forces loyal to Iran’s Supreme Leader because in his siding with the US has made a “deal with the devil” and is under the “power of sorcery.”
It goes without saying that the events described in this report are staggering to the mind, but it does not make them not true; and with Russia now building an additional 5,000 bomb shelters, and the US Defense Department now working on a vaccine to “genetically cure” Sunni Muslim fanaticism, one should know, without any shadow of doubt, that what was before is now gone, there are no rules left for anyone, anymore…only those who truly know the truth will survive.
Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Basra Council Bars US Troops From Province - Resolution Also Demands US Compensation for Damages Done in War

The Basra Provincial Council has barred all American troops from entering the province, and demanded that they vacate the Basra International Airport.
The US has a military base at the airport and also controls all traffic on the civilian side of the airport. The latest controversy came after US attack helicopters launched strikes against “suspects” in the city, with reports of several civilian casualties.
The resolution passed in a 26-9 vote in the council, with strong support from the Sadrist Trend. The resolution also demanded that the US compensate citizens for damages suffered during military operations in the oil rich province.
Jason Ditz June 24

US Vows to Arm Philippines to Fight China, Clinton Calls for Restraint, Announces More Weapons Transfers - 24 June

With the disputes over the unpopulated Spratly Islands continuing to grow, the Obama Administration has announced that it is preparing a major increase in arms shipments to the Philippines to prepare the nation to fight a war with China.
The announcement came at a meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Philippines Foreign Secsretary Albert del Rosario, who is pressing for the US to lease equipment to allow them to modernize their navy.
The islands have historically been irrelevant, but are believed to contain large amounts of oil and natural gas. They also are viewed as strategically valuable for both China and the US, as the South China Seas are heavily trafficked.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged “restraint” on all sides over the region, but the promise of more equipment and “defensive” help for Philippines troops to back up claims in the region are likely going to convince all sides that the issue is getting more serious.
by Jason Ditz, June 24, 2011

World Health Organisation (U.N.) - Lies, Lies and more Lies.

A stunning new report reveals that top scientists who convinced the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare H1N1 a global pandemic held close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines. This report, published in the British Medical Journal, exposes the hidden ties that drove WHO to declare a pandemic, resulting in billions of dollars in profits for vaccine manufacturers.
Several key advisors who urged WHO to declare a pandemic received direct financial compensation from the very same vaccine manufacturers who received a windfall of profits from the pandemic announcement. During all this, WHO refused to disclose any conflicts of interests between its top advisors and the drug companies who would financially benefit from its decisions.
All the kickbacks, in other words, were swept under the table and kept silent, and WHO somehow didn’t think it was important to let the world know that it was receiving policy advice from individuals who stood to make millions of dollars when a pandemic was declared.
WHO credibility destroyed
The report was authored by Deborah Cohen (BMJ features editor), and Philip Carter, a journalist who works for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London. In their report, Cohen states, “…our investigation has revealed damaging issues. If these are not addressed, H1N1 may yet claim its biggest victim — the credibility of the WHO and the trust in the global public health system.”
In response to the report, WHO secretary-general Dr Margaret Chan defended the secrecy, saying that WHO intentionally kept the financial ties a secret in order to “…protect the integrity and independence of the members while doing this critical work… [and] also to ensure transparency.”
Dr Chan apparently does not understand the meaning of the word “transparency.” Then again, WHO has always twisted reality in order to serve its corporate masters, the pharmaceutical giants who profit from disease. To say that they are keeping the financial ties a secret in order to “protect the integrity” of the members is like saying we’re all serving alcohol at tonight’s AA meeting in order to keep everybody off the bottle.
It just flat out makes no sense.
But since when did making sense have anything to do with WHO’s decision process anyway?
Even Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ, had harsh words for the WHO, saying, “…its credibility has been badly damaged. WHO must act now to restore its credibility.”
Yet more criticism for WHO
The BMJ isn’t the only medical publication criticizing WHO for its poor handling of conflicts of interest. Another report from the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly also criticized WHO, saying: “Parliamentary Assembly is alarmed about the way in which the H1N1 influenza pandemic has been handled, not only by the World Health Organization (WHO), but also by the competent health authorities at the level of the European Union and at national level.” It went on to explain that WHO’s actions led to “a waste of large sums of public money, and also unjustified scares and fears about health risks faced by the European public at large.”
The funny thing is, NaturalNews and other natural health advocates told you all the same thing a year ago, and we didn’t have to spend millions of dollars on a study to arrive at this conclusion. It was obvious to anyone who knows just how corrupt the sick-care industry really is. They’ll do practically anything to make more money, including bribing WHO scientific advisors and paying them kickbacks once the vaccine sales surge.
The vaccine industry and all its drug pushers are, of course, criticizing this investigative report. They say WHO “had no choice” but to declare a pandemic and recommend vaccines, since vaccines are the only treatment option for influenza. That’s a lie, of course: Vitamin D has been scientifically proven to be five times more effective than vaccines at preventing influenza infections, but WHO never recommended vitamin D to anyone.
The entire focus was on pushing more high-profit vaccines, not recommending the things that would actually help people the most. And now we know why: The more vulnerable people were to the pandemic, the more would be killed by H1N1, thereby “proving” the importance of vaccination programs.
People were kept ignorant of natural remedies, in other words, to make sure more people died and a more urgent call for mass vaccination programs could be carried out. (A few lives never gets in the way of Big Pharma profits, does it?)
How the scam really worked
Here’s a summary of how the WHO vaccine scam worked:
Step 1) Exaggerate the risk: WHO hypes up the pandemic risk by declaring a phase 6 pandemic even when the mortality rate of the virus was so low that it could be halted with simple vitamin D supplements.
Step 2) Urge countries to stockpile: WHO urged nations around the world to stockpile H1N1 vaccines, calling it a “public health emergency.”
Step 3) Collect the cash: Countries spend billions of dollars buying and stockpiling H1N1 vaccines while Big Pharma pockets the cash.
Step 4) Get your kickbacks: WHO advisors, meanwhile, collected their kickbacks from the vaccine manufacturers. Those kickbacks were intentionally kept secret.
Step 5) Keep people afraid: In order to keep demand for the vaccines as high as possible, WHO continued to flame the fears by warning that H1N1 was extremely dangerous and everybody should continue to get vaccinated. (The CDC echoed the same message in the USA.)
This is how WHO pulled off one of the greatest vaccine pandemic scams in the last century, and it worked like gangbusters. WHO advisors walked away with loads of cash, the drug companies stockpiled huge profits, and the taxpayers of nations around the world were left saddled with useless vaccines rotting on the shelves that will soon have to be destroyed (at additional taxpayer cost, no doubt) or dumped down the drain (where they will contaminate the waterways).
Meanwhile, nobody dared tell the public the truth about vitamin D, thereby ensuring that the next pandemic will give them another opportunity to repeat the exact same scam (for yet more profit).
The criminality of the vaccine industry
The bottom line is all this is a frightening picture of just how pathetic the vaccine industry has become and how corrupt the WHO and the CDC really are. What took place here is called corruption and bribery, folks. Kickbacks were paid, lies were told and governments were swindled out of billions of dollars. These are felony crimes being committed by our global health leaders.
The real question is: Why do governments continue to allow public health organizations to be so easily corrupted by the vaccine industry? And who will stand up to this profit conspiracy that exploits members of the public as if they were profit-generating guinea pigs?
The next time you hear the WHO say anything, just remember: Their advisors are on the take from the drug companies, and just about anything you’re likely to hear from the World Health Organization originates with a profit motive rather than a commitment to public health.
Oh, and by the way… for the record, there has never been a single scientific study ever published showing that H1N1 vaccines worked. Not only was the H1N1 pandemic a fraud to begin with, but the medicine they claimed treated it was also based on fraud. And now we know the rest of the story of why it was all done: Kickbacks from Big Pharma, paid to advisors who told WHO to declare a pandemic.